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Gill Group has had the opportunity to work with Public Housing Authorities across the country to convert thousands of units through the RAD Program. We will work with you from beginning to end to get your properties converted and rehabilitated. We have unlimited access to the Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP), so we can help with more than just your application, analysis, RPCA, and other due diligence required to have a successful conversion. We have the unique ability to get your questions answered promptly through the administrators of the RAD Program.


Evaluation - A complete written assessment benchmarking feasibility, rehab and economics

Application - We will prepare your entire application from start to finish and present it for your authorization

HUD Processing - We have long-time contacts with many of the HUD Managers that will be working with you through the process

Identification of Financing Sources – We will identify potential debt (and equity, if appropriate) sources and help you choose and negotiate what works best for your situation.

RPCA – We have the best team of architects and engineers in the country! We can complete the multiphase report required through the RAD Program for any size property or portfolio you have. Our group has completed tens of thousands of condition assessments and nearly half of all of the GRPCAs through OAHP’s previous Green Retrofit program.

Closing Management – As required, we will coordinate the team and deliver a closing package. Through our title company, National Title and Escrow, we can even close the deal for you!

For a no charge preliminary evaluation of your portfolio, please call Jerry Anderson at (800) 428-3320 or email him at jerry.anderson@gillgroup.com. Jerry has decades of experience dealing with all of OAHP's programs. Prior to his current position at Gill Group, he was a high-ranking member of OAHP's staff. His team will be able to walk you through the program from your initial interest in RAD to signing the closing documents after rehab. Even if you only have questions at this point, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to call or email!



HUD Veteran Jerry R. Anderson Leads Gill Group's RAD Efforts

Gill Group Inc., is proud to announce the appointment of Jerry R. Anderson as our new Executive Vice President of Business Development. In his new position at Gill Group, Mr. Anderson will be managing a large portion of the relationships throughout the company. He will be heavily involved with all of the due diligence for HUD-related transactions. As part of his responsibilities, he will focus on developing and implementing new policies, programs and procedures for Rental Assistance Demonstration, Multifamily Accelerated Processing, Consulting and all other programs Gill Group deals with on a daily basis. 

Prior to joining Gill Group, Mr. Anderson was the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) at HUD. In his role there, he administered and had oversight of the Mark-to-Market program with the production offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago and a Post Closing operation in New York. Under the Mark-to-Market program, he developed the Post Closing operation which included an Assumption/Subordination process for the Mark-to-Market portfolio of 1,200+ projects. Mr. Anderson's experience with closing affordable housing transactions will also be an excellent addition to Gill Group's ongoing, nationwide title insurance services. 

He was one of the very few high-level executives at OAHP that developed the Green Initiative (M2M) and Green Retrofit Program (GRP) under the President's stimulus bill (ARRA). GRP started developing in 2009 and had all transactions ($250,000,000) processed and closed by October, 2010.

In keeping with his many innovative achievements at HUD, he was instrumental in the development of the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD). From its inception until his first day at Gill Group, he was on the Senior Management Team for the RAD Program and was instrumental in approving the 60,000 units currently accepted by the RAD program with teh potential for the program to go permanent.

In addition to his contribution to the Mark-to-Market, GRP and RAD programs, Mr. Anderson served as Chairman of HUD's National Loan Committee as well as chaired several internal committees for loan and process approval.

Prior to his many years at HUD, Mr. Anderson was a senior executive at a government consulting firm where he analyzed government properties for rehabilitation or disposition on a national basis through market analysis, physical condition assessments, financial analysis and loan sizing. He was also Department Head at Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) where he managed a portfolio of over $2.0 billion in both diversified commercial and multifamily real estate and loan assets nationwide. He has also held positions at the Senior Executive level for financial institutions where he implemented new lending policies and procedures for loan origination, reporting and case management.