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All original letters and phone numbers are available upon request. More corporate and personal references are also available upon request. For additional information, call Cash Gill at 1-800-428-3320.

Deutsche Bank
We would be happy to recommend Gill Group for their appraisal and market study work. They have provided accurate reports in a timely fashion for our HUD MAP program and have had successful results with MAP Team Approval and the review process.

US Bank
I have used Gill for several years and have always been pleased with their high performance of professional service.

Signet Partners
Gill Group provides a great product, and their whole staff is excellent to work with! Samuel L. and Samuel T. Gill are excellent appraisers. We are extremely happy with the quality and the timeliness of the reports we receive from Gill Group.

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Gill Group has consistently provided quality appraisal products to us while meeting the deadlines and pricing of the Mark-to-Market program. They are reliable.
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Kentucky Housing Corporation has worked for many years with Gill Group on numerous affordable housing market studies and appraisals. Gill Group has demonstrated extensive multifamily Low Income Housing Tax Credit experience through their work with lenders and developers. Gill has shown the ability to provide the services we require for our guidelines and have continuously submitted our reports in a timely manner.
Gill Group has performed many different types of appraisals for this bank. Without fail, their reports are professional, timely and accurate. When Gill Group promises a deadline, they come through every time. The quality of work they produce is what we have come to expect. It has been a pleasure to work with them in the past, and I anticipate this relationship to continue into the future.
In the fast paced world that we live in, it seems that people are only concerned with quantity. Although quantity is important, when you are trying to satisfy customers, quality is also very important. Gill Group will always strive to do what it takes to meet their deadlines without sacrificing the quality of work that they turn out. 

Since our first year (2000) using Gill Group's services we have been very pleased. Their reports are professional and thorough, and they have been attentive to our needs. It is very comforting to know that the prompt and professional service that we receive from Gill Group allows us to better serve our investors.

Health Systems, Inc.
In all the times I have engaged Gill Group for their professional services, not one deadline was missed. The quality of the reports by this company far surpasses expectations and requirements all the while meeting or exceeding deadlines.

Gill Group has provided conventional appraisals for the numerous nursing homes our company owns. We have worked with Gill Group for several years and believe their work makes them the best in the industry. When we engage them, we have the assurance and confidence in receiving timely, professional reports.

Lancaster Pollard
We have worked with Gill Group on a professional level for several years. I have found their work to be above and beyond the level of excellence expected. The work their company produces is always punctual as well as professional in appearance and content.

The work provided for our company includes all types of appraisal services. In each specialty, they have proven to be experts in their field. The quality of work has been an asset to our company.

Wells Fargo
I would like to issue this letter of recommendation for Gill Group in recognition of the outstanding job they have done for me in the past in appraisal work.

Not only have I worked with them as Norwest Mortgage, but prior to our recent acquisition by Norwest, as Great Financial Mortgage, and as Fleet Mortgage prior to that. In all, I have personally had the pleasure of working with Gill Group for about the past 7 to 8 years.
Having demonstrated outstanding efficiency, promptness, and professionalism in their appraisal work, they deserve to be singled out as one of the best firms in their field.

I would recommend them highly for any of your appraisal needs.

MACO Management Co., Inc.
Our firm has been actively engaged in the development, construction and management of affordable housing as well as the acquisition of commercial real estate    investments in excess of forty years. For a good number of these years, we have contracted the services of Gill Group to provide Real Estate Appraisals, Market Analysis and Phase I Environmental Assessments in connection with our ventures.
I am pleased to relay to the reader of this, my highest and whole-hearted report that Gill Group has constantly provided services to our company, which has been prepared in a professional and timely manner.

Boston Capital
Gill Group has always provided us with responsive and accurate reports - they are on top of the game in terms of service and information that we can rely on.

Thanks for all of Gill Group's hard work. Is a pleasure working with you. You have been by far and away the best appraisers to work with, hands down.

Columbia Group
It is unusual in today's business environment, especially in the affordable housing industry, that you find a company that delivers on time and within budget on a consistent basis, and even more amazing when HUD accepts their work without question.  That is what the Columbia Property Group, Inc., has found in Gill Group. Our Section 8 contract renewal process is easier because of the excellent product they deliver which is an integral part of our contract renewal process with HUD in six states.

Great Lakes Financial Group
Gill Group is very thorough and responsive with any issue that arises. They are easy to work with and provide good quality reports.

National Council for State Housing Agencies
Gill Group is one of the most dedicated organizations serving the needs of the affordable housing industry that exhibits at our trade shows. The staff is exceptionally friendly and professional. They exemplify good client relationships.

Affordable Housing Management Association
Gill Group takes a proactive stance in the affordable housing industry by keeping informed on the latest industry changes as they occur. They have been active members of AHMA for many years and provide additional support by sponsoring conferences, seminars and trade shows, and all the widespread efforts of AHMA.  The superior customer service I have received when dealing with Gill Group is unmatched, and their commitment to quality shines through.